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Did You Know That Thanks To The Success Of "Star Wars" George Lucas Lost $40 Million To….


The world first was first introduced to the Star Wars franchise back in 1977. The first movie created and directed by George Lucas completely took over the world and was considered to be his greatest accomplishment for the time. It’s hard to imagine Lucas once worried whether his movie will be successful or not.


Back in the late 70’s Lucas decided to visit on the set of “Close Encounters of The Third Kind” his great friend and colleague Steven Spielberg. Lucas was completely flabbergasted how incredible Spielberg’s movie set looked like. The Star Wars director became even more worried about his movie. In order to release the tensions Lucas thought of the idea to make a bet with his friend Spielberg about the success of both movies they were directing at the time.


Lucas offered to trade points with Spielberg and both agreed to trade 2.5% of the profit from each movie: Star Wars and Close Encounters. Eventually when both movies were released Star Wars made the incredible $775 million at the global box office while Close Encounters made “only” $304 million. Lucas then paid the 2.5% Spielberg which was estimated at $40 million.


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