Did you know that The Araucana Chicken is also called the "Easter Egg Chicken" because …


There’s a special breed of chickens, called Araucana chicken, which lays Easter-like eggs in colorful green, pink, brown and blue hues.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

The Araucana chicken is believed to have originated in Chile. It possesses a special gene that carries a retrovirus in its DNA, which basically makes the eggs this breed lays appear blue or green-ish. The gene in question is often related to as the blue-egg gene and it’s also seen among similar chicken breeds like the Ameraucana, which come from the very same founder stock as the Araucana’s one.

This breed is often nicknamed as the Easter Egg Chicken because of the colorful Easter-like eggs it lays. The hens usually weigh less than 2.7 kilograms, while the roosters may grow up to 3.2 kilograms. Thanks to the variety of the blue-egg gene this breed carries in its DNA the laid eggs may come in various hues that make them appear white, brown, pink, green-ish and blue. The naturally colored eggs have pastel-like hues and the breed is distributed to various parts from all over the world thanks to the interest its colorful eggs strike. According to specialists, the blue eggs of the Araucana chickens don’t possess any negative health effects to humans and they aren’t more nutritious than the natural brown or white eggs laid by other breeds of chickens. Various poultry associations in different parts of the world recognize various types of the Araucana breed. According to the APA there are 5 colors of the Easter Egg Chicken, the ABA claims there are 6 colors, the Australian Poultry Standard claims there are also 5, while the PCGB recognizes a total of 12 variables of the Araucana breed.


While most theories claim that this chicken originates from Chile, there are also researches, according to which it actually have a Polynesian origin.


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