Did you know that The Bold and The Beautiful is getting…


Rumors are flying around the Internet that the eternal, everlasting, never-ending, continuously on-going TV series The Bold and The Beautiful is actually getting cancelled! Can you believe it?

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Ever since it aired in the distant 1987 on CBS The Bold and The Beautiful has become an icon for the soap opera genre and the plotline for tons of punchlines. And while everybody thought that the series would practically last forever, it seems like even this soap opera won’t be everlasting.

John McCook, who portrays the role of Eric Forrester, and Katherine Kelly Lang, who portrays the role of Brooke Logan, are actually the only two actors from the original cast. The 54 year old Lang and the 71 year old McCook have practically devoted their lifetime to filming the hit series, but if the rumors turn out to be true, their show will get cancelled. After running for nearly 30 years it is only natural for any show to lose viewers and experience a significant drop in ratings. However, it seems like even this show won’t make the cut, because the rumors claim it will get cancelled after December 2016.


The Bold and The Beautiful has had low rankings for the past couple of years and the plotlines are getting more and more repetitive and dull even for those fans of the series, which are as devoted to it as the actors. Official reports state that the TV show has lost nearly 300,000 viewers throughout one week – between the 29th of February and the 4th of March. If the show’s ratings don’t improve CBS will pull the plug on the drama and will cancel this legendary show after more than 7,000 episodes filled with twists and turns centered around fashion, cheating, kidnapping, family betrayals and tons of other dramatic events.


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