Did you know that The Canadian police are looking for a…


The Canadian police have posted a job listing in search for the ideal yoga instructor.

Image Source: ShutterStock
Image Source: ShutterStock

Experienced yoga instructors are being sought by the police in Calgary, Canada, for offering officers a safe and healthy way to deal with the stress a policeman’s job is inflicting on employees.

Being a police officer can bring stress on tremendous levels and severe PTSD. Thus, the Canadian police are currently looking for a new yoga instructor, which will help its employees deal the negative effects of their jobs.


An online job listing is seeking the perfect instructor, who has “proven experience and expertise” and is willing to work for the law enforcement agency in Calgary. The job offering claims that the ideal candidate will be offered a one year long contract with the police and will have an option to work for them for 4 additional years as well. The job offering doesn’t say anything about the salary, but the officers are looking for a professional instructor, who is willing to work with both civilian members and sworn officers at the Canadian police force. Official reports state that this isn’t the first initiative the officers have taken when it comes to easing up the stress levels inflicted on the employees by their jobs. In fact, the Calgary police has been offering aerobics, Zumba, exercises and other booth camp activities for its officers ever since the distant 2003 and now they want to include yoga classes in their programs as well.

The new yoga instructor will join the rest of the exercising instructors at the Calgary police’s Corporate Employee Wellness program, which aims at increasing the police officers’ productivity in the protective services and the emergency services of the force by offering stress reducing exercises to the employees.


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