Did You Know That The CIA Has Recently Admitted The Existence Of Area 51 As…


In August 2013 the Central Intelligence Agency finally spilled the truth about the infamous Area 51. The CIA released a variety of documents acknowledging the existence of the Area 51 and the covert military research facilities there, its exact location in the state of Nevada as well as some details about the peculiarities the staff had to deal with.

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However, there is nothing that much exciting as the conspiracy theorists and alien UFO hunters would like. The truth about the secretive base was a poorly kept secret since the 1950s. Many believed a crashed alien aircraft with its sophisticated futuristic technology collected from Roswell, New Mexico was stored there.

The truth released in a set of documents reveal the history of the base. It was mainly being used for two major aerial reconnaissance programs. It was used for test flights of the U-2 spy plane and later for its successor the Oxcart. The most bizarre activities that were going on there were the regular sweeping and vacuuming of the airstrips by the staff. This would prevent damage to the engines as the planes would take off.


Many of the UFO sightings in the area reported by citizens were simply test flights that the CIA did not want to disclose to the public.


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