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A Germanwings aircraft was purposely crashed into an Alpine Mountain. It was not even done by the pilot but, the co-pilot. The airplane was hurled into the crash where every single one of the 150 passengers were killed. This was all said on Thursday by a French prosecutor.

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Brice Robin, who is the Marseille prosecutor, said that the captain of the plane exited the cockpit. It was thought that he left to use the restroom and then could not gain access back into to cockpit.
Andreas Lubitz a 28 year old co-pilot trapped himself inside the cockpit and purposely started the airplane en route to its disastrous crash that lasted eight minutes long, when finally they smashed into the side of the French Alps mountain.
Robin says that it was the intention of the co-pilot to crash the plane. He also said that there is now an open investigation into a “voluntary homicide.” The co-pilot was not a part of a watch list of terrorists.
A news conference that Robin was part of said

He did this for a reason which we don’t know why, but we can only [deduce] that he destroyed this plane. I don’t think that the passengers realized what was happening until the last moments because on the recording you only hear the screams in the final seconds.

Patrick S, a German man, was the captain of the plane. You can hear him in the recording begging the co-pilot to let him come back inside the cockpit behind the door which was barricaded.
Robin said, “We hear several cries from the other pilot asking to be allowed back in. He’s asking through the telephone intercom system. He identifies himself on the intercom but there’s no response from the co-pilot.”
All of this information became about when they received the recordings from the voice recorder inside the cockpit. The noise from a chair being shoved against the door could also be heard on the recording.
Robin stated,

“It was absolute silence in the cockpit.”

He also went on to describe that the co-pilot did not say a word in the moments after the pilot exited the cockpit, this happened right after the captain announced that the passengers would soon be making their landing in Dusseldorf.

Alarms rang out loudly, banging could also be heard on the door of the cockpit in the last few moments. The co-pilot purposely denied the request to open the door, and was breathing as normal right before the crash took place.
The CEO of Lufthansa showed an emotion of shocked at a news conference that was held not too long after the announcement of the crash was confirmed.
Carsten Spohr, CEO, said,

We are speechless that this aircraft has been deliberately crashed by the co-pilot. We are shocked, we are in dismay. What happened here is something that we could not have imagined.

All of the co-pilots medical and flight tests were passed, Spohr made sure he let everybody know that information by saying,


He was 100 percent fit to fly without any restrictions. His flight performance was perfect. We can only speculate about his motives.

His psych tests were passed “with flying colors” although he went through a very long pause in his training for the flight. There could be many reasons possible for that break, if that was because of reasons that were medical, the information had to be confidential because of rules of privacy.
One of the co-pilots old mates from schools mother spoke out and said that he needed a bit of time away when he quit training about half of a year before. The woman also let it be known that the was in a state of depression. She called the man a “lovely boy” who “had a good family background.”
It was asked if his death would be in the category of suicide and the CEO answered with

I’m not a lawyer and I do not wish to say something concrete about this. If a person kills himself and 149 others, I think another word should be used–not suicide.

A fellow member of the glider club said that

He was happy he had the job with Germanwings and he was doing very well. He gave off a good feeling.

The plane was on a flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf when the aircraft began to go down. It then lost radio connection with air traffic controllers before it hit the mountainside during the morning on Tuesday.
The families of the victims on the plane were made aware of what happened moments before an official announcement was made.
Robin said,

They deserve explanations from the prosecutor but, they are having a hard time believing it.


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