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Did you know that the deportation petition for Justin Bieber is the second most po…


Justin Bieber knows how to hit the headlines. And unsurprisingly, the deportation petition for Bieber is the second most popular petition in the States right now.


In the not so distant 2011 the White House started a petitioning program called “We the People”. According to the program, any online petition will be reviewed by the White House if it gets at least 100,000 signatures within a month. It comes to no surprise that this threshold was crossed in the first week. People all across America signed that they want Bieber deported from the States. And while there’s still no word on the subject from the White House, official reports state that the deportation petition for Bieber is the second most popular online petition. The petition wanting to claim the Westboro Baptist Church a hate group still tops the charts.


Apart from the deportation petition, four other petitions have been started, although they are supporting Bieber. According to the reports, there is no official response time. Thus, there’s no exact way of knowing if President Obama will agree to deport Bieber and revoke his green card.


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