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Did You Know That The European Space Agency Sound System Can Fatally Harm Humans Due To….


For anyone who enjoys listening to extremely loud music here is a fun fact for you: sound is able to cause lethal damage to humans if it’s more powerful than 135 decibels. Although there is no consumer electronic device like the iPod, for example, which can create such a devastating sound, recently the European Space Agency (ESA) unveiled their latest super powerful scientific creation.

The scientists have designed an ultra powerful and enormous horn which can blast anyone out of existence just with sound. Luckily, the scientists are not using it with that purpose at all. They use the device to test satellites and other spacecrafts and research how the space machinery reacts to extreme sound. The sound device is only being used behind closed reinforced walls. They subject the satellites to sound similar to the same level of vibrations and sound a rocket makes when it lifts off the ground.


The massive horn is 53 feet tall and 36 feet wide and is the most powerful of its kind in Europe. It can produce the deafening sound of over 154 decibels.


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