Did You Know That The Face Of A Deceased Man Appeared On A Photo Taken….


A mysterious ghost face appeared in an old photograph of a military air-squadron that served in World War I.


This picture was taken by Sir Victor Goddard in 1919 and in 1975 it was published after a terrifying discovery. The photo depicts his entire platoon that was assembled together after the funeral of their comrade Freddy Jackson. He tragically passed away two days earlier after being hit by the spinning propeller of an airplane.


Everything with the picture looked absolutely normal until someone from the crew noticed a spooky ghost face appearing behind the fourth soldier on the top row. At first everyone thought it was just another prank designed by Goddard to spook the air squadron, but then some of the crew members made a shocking revelation. They recognized that this image of a standing man was actually the face of the recently deceased Freddy who had turned up for the group photo.

There are a lot of speculations regarding the authenticity of this photo having in mind it was taken in 1919 and published by Goddard 56 years later. Some suggest he tampered with the photo and published it to gain publicity since he was overly obsessed with the paranormal and UFOs.


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