Did You Know That The First Attempt To Travel Into Space Was Done By An “Astronaut” From The Chinese Ming Dynasty In …..


Rockets are one of mankind’s greatest inventions. They are the result of thousands of years of experimenting and collective human ingenuity. Modern day rocket propulsion systems have their roots in the science and technology of the ancient times.


One of the most remarkable legends about man’s first attempt to fly into space dates all the way back to the 16th century. A Chinese official called Wan-Hu decided to become the first astronaut in human history.


With the help of 47 assistants Wan-Hu created a rocket propelled chair. He strapped exactly 47 “fire-arrow” rockets on the bottom of the chair and also attached two large kites on top of it. He obviously had the intention to launch himself into space and fly away.

On the day of the launch he ordered his 47 assistants to light up simultaneously all the rockets using torches. When they did ignite the rockets they witnessed something unimaginable. Not only was there so much smoke, that no one realized what had happened, but there was a huge explosion as well.
After the smoke cleared the assistants were bedazzled due to the fact that Wan-Hu and his rocket chair had completely vanished. Probably he was blown to pieces due to the explosive nature of the fire-arrow rockets most of which were unstable.


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