Did You Know That The First Choice For The Role Of Bella in 'Twilight' Was….


Michelle Trachtenberg almost landed the role of Bella Swan in the famous Twilight saga. Trachtenberg told the press she knew Twilight’s director Catherine Hardwicke ever since the movie ‘Thirteen’ came out in 2003. Trachtenberg was about to star in it, too, but was busy with other projects.


The brunette actress said there was a big interest in her playing the love interest of vampires and werewolves because there weren’t many pale actresses in Hollywood. The former ‘Gossip Girl’ star admitted she was trying to focus on her future instead of dwelling on the past and what could have happened if she had landed that role.


Well, one thing is for sure – her career would have had a very different direction. Kristen Stewart is the living proof – after playing Bella in the movie saga, she instantly became one of Hollywood’s most discussed and famous actresses.
However, having in mind that Stewart gained a huge amount of negative feedback on her performance, Trachtenberg probably made the right decision not taking the part. Bella or no Bella, she’s proven herself as a gifted actress thanks to the infamous Georgina Sparks in ‘Gossip Girl’ and Buffy’s innocent little sister.


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