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Did You Know That The First Mind-Controlled Robotic Leg Is…


A 32-year-old man who had been in a motor cycle accident and whose leg was amputated in 2009 has just a received a new robotic leg. The extraordinary and groundbreaking fact here is that he is able to actually control his robotic leg with his mind which is considered a real breakthrough for the field of biomedical engineering. The incredible achievement was made reality by a team of biomedical engineers at the Rehabilitation Institute in Chicago.

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This is the first ever prosthesis that doesn’t require the use of a remote-control switch, or any other muscle movement for that matter, to order the bionic leg to change the type of movement. The patient can also sit without having to manually reposition the robotic leg. As the innovative invention enables the neural signals from the brain to control both the ankle and the knee motorized prosthesis, the patient can not only walk but climb stairs, go down a ramp and also kick a football.



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