Did You Know That The Gaming Company Bungie Has A Security Guard Who Uses A Halo ….


Bungie is the name of a company that creates video games, the most famous of which are the Xbox-exclusive Halo games. The series feature a very powerful weapon called a Gravity Hammer which is rather intimidating.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK


A curious fact is that Jerome Simpson, the security guard at the Bungie head quarters, has his own Gravity Hammer. Understandably, all fans want to get his autograph, take pictures with him and shake his hand. Simpson has become so famous that even celebrities often ask him to be their bodyguard due to his fame and his impressive size. However, Simpson himself doesn’t have an Xbox live account or a account and admits he doesn’t know much about video games. After he became so popular, Bungie decided to name a Halo Reach medal after him. The medal can be achieved by killing 15 zombies.


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