Did you know that the graffiti artist that painted Facebook's first office in 2005 was paid in…


David Choe, the graffiti artist, who once painted Facebook’s first HQ, is currently worth more than $200 million in Facebook stock shares!

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

If you choose to accept stock shares instead of cash when you’ve partnered up with a start-up company, you can either win nothing or you can win $200 million – which is exactly what happened to this particular graffiti artist.

David was on his path to becoming a truly successful graffiti artist back in the early 2000s and he was approached by Facebook officials in 2005 to paint some parts of their first HQ offices in Palo Alto, California, US. When the artist negotiated with the company, he received an offer – to be paid several thousand for his work or to be paid in Facebook shares. The graffiti artist thought little of the company, but eventually he decided to go for the second option and to be paid in stock shares. As a result, he became a millionaire.


Thanks to the sudden up Facebook encountered in 2012 David Choe is currently worth more than $200 million in Facebook shares! And while he refused to give any comments to the media regarding his case, there are some quite interesting facts about David that the media managed to dig out. For example, he developed a signature “smudge” style because he’s left handed and he constantly smudged his creations while drawing when he was younger. He also worked with Linkin Park’s record label when he created the artwork for the band’s album Collision Course. Not only that, but David is also the guy standing behind a poster specially created for President Barack Obama, which is now hanged in the White House! Apparently this particular graffiti artist doesn’t need Facebook’s millions in order to be successful on his own!


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