Did you know that The guy, who invented the revolving doors, actually hated opening doors for…


The guy, who has been credited as the inventor of the revolving doors, actually hated the common courtesy of opening doors for women.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR


Here’s a little known fact for the inventor of the revolving door – he didn’t like being a gentleman.
Theophilus Van Kannel, an American inventor from Philadelphia, US, is known as the man, who invented the revolving doors. He was born in 1841 and received the patent for his creation in August 1888. One of the reasons why he created the “new” type of doors was because of his social phobia. The guy hated being stuck in a line in front of a door or having to be pushed in and out by other people. Since back then people would use a single door for both entrance and exit, Van Kannel found it quite disturbing to be amidst all this madness. Another thing he really, really hated was the fact that he had to open the door for women around him and act like a gentleman. Thus, he came up with something that would resolve his social phobia problem. Van Kannel invented a rotating door, which wouldn’t make people push one another. The new creation made it easier for men and women to use one door in order to enter or exit a room without the need to line up in front of it. The invention also prevented any sand, snow, gravel particles and rain to be blown inside the enclosure when the door was open. But on top of it all, the invention helped Van Kannel with his spite against common courtesy and chivalry – by using the revolving door he didn’t have to actually open the door for women ever again.

The very first official revolving door was actually installed in 1899 – about a decade after Van Kannel received the patent. The door was placed in a restaurant in Times Square, NYC, called Rector’s.


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