Did You Know That The 'Human Barbie' Valeria Lukyanova Is Going To Live….


Valeria Lukyanova is famous as the “human Barbie” due to her resemblance to the plastic doll. The 28-year-old Ukrainian model and singer is already extremely slim as it is, considering that her waist is barely 19.7 inches. However, Valeria obviously still doesn’t consider herself slim enough as she has started practicing Breatharianism.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

The movement involves subsisting only on air and sunlight. The weird little-known doctrine has come under fire because of the starvation deaths of some of its followers. The human Barbie claims that she hasn’t even felt hungry at all in the last few weeks and hopes she has already entered the final stage where she can survive on light and air alone. Valeria’s Barbie-like appearance brought her world fame but the young woman also hopes that her unusual looks would help her spread her spiritual ideas. Ms Lukyanova claims that she is a creature that has come from outer space and can communicate with other aliens through the power of light. The human Barbie, who claims she is not actually a human, is also convinced that she can time travel.






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