Did you know that The Internet claims Avril Lavigne committed suicide a decade ago and got replaced with…


The Internet is going crazy with some fake rumors that Canadian singer Avril Lavigne committed suicide about a decade ago and got replaced by some look alike.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia


A conspiracy theory posted on a blog, entitled Avril Este Morta, claims that a decade ago the Canadian punk-pop singer Avril Lavigne took her own life. The theory suggests that Avril committed suicide at some point of time after 2002 and that the Avril we see nowadays is actually an imposter. According to the blog, the present day Avril is just a look alike actress, who is impersonating Avril. Furthermore, the actress has allegedly tried to open the public’s eyes to the truth with the lyrics of the song Slipped Away. In reality, the whole purpose of the said blog was to prove that conspiracy theories can look legit if enough people believe them.

As it turned out, the said theory recently became viral and now everybody is claiming that Avril really died and that she’s been replaced with a similarly looking doppelganger. Many fans of Avril started claiming that they are convinced this is not the real Avril Lavigne and that the suicide theory sounds legit. Fortunately, some clever Internet users decided to do some research and dig up the truth. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time everybody started talking about how Lavigne died.
The 31 year old singer and actress, who recently announced her separation from her second husband, Nickelback’s front man Chad Kroeger, was the subject of another false death report in 2012. Fake rumors, claiming that Lavigne died in a snowboard accident in Vancouver, Canada, while vacationing with her family, started swarming the web and tons of people believed that the singer had really died after hitting a tree while snowboarding.


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