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Did You Know That The Japanese Invented Fighting Exoskeletons Which Can Be….


If you are a computer games nerd or a sci-fi movie enthusiast you’re probably familiar with the futuristic robotic exoskeletons. These are the giant machines featured in movies like “Avatar” and “Pacific Rim” in which people are strapped inside the middle. People have the amazing opportunity to control a robot body and perform a variety of super enhanced human activities.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

It’s good to know that recently the Japanese company called Skeletronics unveiled their newest invention: their very own homemade aluminum exoskeleton. Although it’s not quite a robotic exoskeleton fitted with a jet pack, rocket launcher, computer system and possibly a laser beam the Japanese exoskeleton lets you perform practically any human activity. You simply need to strap inside the exoskeleton and you’ll be good to go and do whatever you want with the “robotic” legs and arms.


According to the Japanese inventors the exoskeleton costs around $50,000 and it’s for “entertainment purposes” only.


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