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The kid from Two and a Half Men Left His $350,000 Per-week For Jesus Christ

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Angus Turner Jones, born on October 8, 1993, is an American actor well known for his role as Jake Harper in the world famous comedy Two and a Half Men.

Before getting his famous role he used to be a supporting actor for movies like The Rookie, George of The Jungle 2 and so on. In 2003 he was cast to be Jake Harper in the Sitcom’s TV series. After a couple of years acting and becoming better and better actor, in 2010 he became the highest paid teen star by receiving more than $7.8 million dollars for two seasons, which is basically more than $300,000 per episode.

Nearly a decade ago Jake Harper’s topics of conversation were his uncle Charlie’s attractive girlfriends. Nowadays Angus T. Jones, the face behind Jake Harper, is preaching Christianity.

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Angus did his best to portray Charlie Harper’s dumb and vulgar nephew on Two and a Half Men. By the time he left the show at the end of season 10 he was making $350,000 per episode. His net worth was estimated at $15 million, which made him the richest teenage actor of 2010. However, Angus was removed from the show after making several controversial comments about it, including describing the whole show as “filth” and speaking of himself as a “hypocrite” with a big salary. According to his own words, he was a strong believer in Jesus and the job only made his life worse.

Nowadays the 24 year old Angus graduaded the University of Colorado. He sports long hair and a beard, like Jesus, and visits a large number of churches speaking about Christianity and God.

In 2016 he joined the management of Tonite (an event production company) and is decided to stay in business. Well, we are not too sure if he will stay away from acting for good, but for sure we really love him as Jake Harper!

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