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The Ninjas or shinobi were covert mercenaries and specialists in espionage, infiltration and masters of disguise. They first appeared in the waging of wars in feudal Japan in the 15th century. Because of their secretive nature the historic evidence of the ninjas’ existence is very scarce. Ninjas were the most dangerous and silent assassins known at the time. Nowadays, ninjas are considered relics of the ancient past. Most of them are considered to have perished but one remains alive even today.

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There still is one remaining living master of the forgotten art of silent assassination. The name of the 63-year-old Japanese man is Jinichi Kawakami and he is Japan’s last living ninja. He can trace back the history of his family of ancient ninjas to 500 years before his birth. He is also the 21st head of the Ban clan which is a secret dynasty of spies. Kawakami can hear the drop of a needle in the other room and he is a master of the shuriken or “death star” throwing.


He is also an engineer by profession because in the modern times we now live in there is no practical use of his assassin skills. Kawakami began practicing the martial art of Ninjutsu when he was 6 year old and trained under the tough regime of a Buddhist monk, master in Ninjutsu named Masazo Ishida.


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