Did You Know That The Latest Plastic Surgery Craze Among New Yorkers Is…


Plastic surgery and beauty enhancements of any kind became extremely popular over the past decade. In some parts of the world is absolutely unthinkable not to have been under the knife at least once. However, the latest craze in New York is slightly different.


Apparently, New Yorkers have become crazy about facial hair transplants. The procedure is meant to help make beards appear less patchy and much more thicker. The men who want to add extra stubble to their looks must prepare at least $8,500 what is cost of the surgery. Experts explain that most guys are driven by the desire for a more masculine look as beard is a crucial male identifier.


A New York surgeon explained that now he performs 3 to 5 facial hair transplant operations per week compared to few years ago when they were as much a dozen per year. Patients share that having a thin beard makes them look too young and ‘baby-faced’ while hair transplants can help fix that problem.


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