Did you know that the longest dance EVER continued for 5,…


Remember that exhausting dance marathon in The CW series Hellcats? The contestants had to dance for 24 hours in order to win a brand new car. And while spending a whole 24 hours dancing with only a couple of 5 minute breaks seems insane these days, it used to be fairly common back in the old days.


In the 1930s, dance marathons were popular among in the US. They were usually held in ballrooms and were spectacular shows, with contestants who varied from youngsters to grannies. The biggest difference between present-day dance marathons and those from the early 20th century is the length of the contests. Back in those days, 24 hour long dances were considered short. In fact, the longest dance marathon lasted nearly a year! It kicked off on the 29th of August 1930 and lasted until the 1st of April 1931. Mike Ritof and Edith Boudreaux won the dance marathon with a total of 5,152 dancing hours!


For their inhuman endurance the couple won $2,000, which is worth nearly $28,000 in today’s money.


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