Did You Know That The Longest Hangover In The World Lasted For….


In 2007 a man was admitted in the ER of a hospital in Glasgow complaining of a severe dull headache and temporary loss of eyesight that lasted for nearly 4 weeks. After doctors checked up the current state and medical history of the man they discovered nothing extraordinary that might have caused these symptoms.


After the examination the man admitted that he got into a domestic fight that consequently ended up in the nearest pub where he drank 60 pints of bear (equal to 8.98 gallons) in 4 days straight. The Scotsman practically drank himself to a point in which he got so dehydrated by the alcohol he eventually developed a condition called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. CVST is a severe condition that can cause eyesight impairment, seizures and random loss of consciousness.


The doctors informed that it took more than 6 months of long-term blood treatment to bring back the man’s normal vision and eliminate the painful headache.


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