Did you know that the longest prison sentence in the world was 141,0….


Back in the not so distant 1989 a Thai woman faced fraud charges and for a crime that basically shot her right at the top of the longest prison sentences list.


Mae Chamoy Thipyaso, the Thailand wife of a senior officer from the Royal Thai Air Force, founded an investment firm by the name Mae Chamoy Funds. The woman used the infamous Ponzi scheme in order to trick a large number of investors. Nearly half a century after Charles Ponzi was caught cheating with the scheme Thipyaso and seven accomplices thought they could trick investors with the notorious pyramid scheme. However, they didn’t manage to get away with it and in July 1989 Thipyaso and the seven other schemers were sentenced all to a total of 141,078 years behind bars. In comparison to Ponzi and his 17 years in jail Thipyaso and her accomplices didn’t manage to get easily out of their situation.
By the time they were caught and sentenced at a court in Bangkok, Thailand, they had tricked over 16,000 Thais and had built a system worth $204 million at that time.


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