Did you know that the most germ-filled object in your home is your…


You probably think that the toilet is the most germ-filled item in your house, regardless of how many times a week you disinfect it. You’re wrong!

Image Source: BLOGSPOT
Image Source: BLOGSPOT

A team of researchers conducted a study on household items and found out that the item with most hidden bacteria in each person’s home is the towel which can be found in every kitchen or bathroom. The researchers, from the University of Arizona, found out that 89% of kitchen towels are germ-ridden with coliform bacteria. E-coli bacteria were also found among more than 25% of the towels. Not only that, but it turned out that the more family members shared the same towel, the more bacteria the item had! For example, if other household members apart from you dry their hands with the same bathroom or kitchen towel, they will spread even more germs among the thick fluffy fibers of the piece of cloth.


The researchers also concluded that since those germs thrive at our ideal body temperature, simply putting them on low temperature mode in the washing machine won’t get rid of the bacteria.


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