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There is a unique place in Louisville, Kentucky that is famous for being not only the most haunted place in America but one of the most mystifying locations in the whole world. This place is called Waverly Hills sanitarium.

The sanitarium which was one of the biggest hospitals in the U.S. for tuberculosis patients has a rich history. The building was once a private school for women founded by Major Thomas H. Hayes in 1883. The name “Waverly Hills” came from a school teacher named Lizzie Lee Harris who was hired to teach Major Hayes’s own daughters. Harris was reminded of the author Scott Waverley while walking around the peaceful region.


Back then there was no medicinal cure for TB which led to a massive death toll. It’s believed that nearly 63,000 people perished in the sanitarium due to the tuberculosis outbreak.

Waverly Hills has a reputation of a haunted place filled with supernatural and unexplained occurrences. Many of the stories are centered around an area famous as the Body Chute, sometimes referred to as the Death Tunnel. This was the place where the bodies of the deceased tuberculosis patients were dumped for cremation in order to stay concealed from the other residents.


Many trespassers claim to have seen ghosts of small children wandering around the facilities. There are also numerous reports of weird voices, doors and windows cracking. The most infamous spot is room 503. It’s where a nurse, who was carrying the baby of one of the founders, hanged herself after finding out she had contracted TB.

The Waverly Hills Sanitarium opens every year around Halloween. It’s one of the “safest” ways you can take a walk around the corridors of the spooky former hospital.


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