Did You Know That The Most Stubborn Vikings Fan Didn't Shave For 38 Years Because….


A person named Emmet J. Pearson was one of the most truly dedicated and adamant Minnesota Vikings fan. The late 83-year-old football fanatic vowed to never shave his beard again after the crushing defeat of his favorite Vikings team in the final of the Super Bowl by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1975.


Since that day on he never shaved and grew an Amish-like beard. Pearson promised to himself and to the world that he will shave the day his Vikings team win a Championship title. Unfortunately, this never happened. Pearson passed away in October, 2013 at the age of 83. He did not shave for more than 38 years. His devotion was so strong that he even wanted to be buried with his unshaven face.


His daughter Amy Pearson mentioned in an interview her father’s peculiar super strong devotion to a constantly losing team. She even funnily recalled the moments she had trouble with her father’s beard. He wouldn’t even shave for his daughter’s wedding. What a true fan!


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