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Did You Know That The Movie 'A Fish Called Wanda' Caused A Man's Death Because…


Ole Bentzen, an audiologist from Denmark, died from laughter in 1989 while he was watching the hilarious comedy ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. According to the medics the reason for his death was a cardiac arrest but what had really triggered it was the laughter. Bentzen liked the movie so much he couldn’t stop laughing until his heart rate increased to a beating between 250 and 500 beats per minute.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Ole Bentzen is just an eloquent example of what might happen if you laugh too much. It’s a rare phenomenon but laughter can indeed cause you a fit which may later result in cardiac arrest or asphyxiation.
Nevertheless, laughter is still considered as the best medicine. Its positive effects benefit the human body in many ways. Laughter provides an escape from stress, a physical and emotional release and a good distraction from negative emotions.


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