Did you know that The new iPhone is going to be called…


Apple’s new iPhone won’t be iPhone 7. It’s going to be called SE!

Image Source: 9to5 Mac
Image Source: 9to5 Mac

Various rumors and reports about what we could be expecting of Apple’s iPhone 7 started swarming the web even before iPhone 6S hit the global market. But now it seems that the tech giant has surprised us all with the reports that it the next smartphone that will enter the market will actually be the iPhone SE.
The company’s original plan was to release a device named iPhone 5SE, but they eventually decided to drop the 5 and go directly for SE. The model is smaller than the latest smartphone Apple released in late 2015 and it resembles a lot the 5 version. According to some reports, the tech mogul wanted to avoid possible confusion with the iPhone 6S, which already became a hit among both old and new Apple users worldwide. So, what does the new iPhone have?

Well, apparently apart from the fact that it’s almost as small as the 5 version, it also has curved round edges and comes with a new power button on the side. iPhone SE will also come in two versions – a 16GB one and a 64GB one. It will also feature an A9 processor, which is supposed to speed up the performance that its predecessor had, an upgraded camera of 8 megapixels and some cool additional features like Live Photos and an integrated fitness tracking software. Apart from iPhone SE Apple will also release additional accessories for their Apple Watch products and even a new iPad later this year.
All of this can only mean two things. First, we probably won’t get to see an iPhone 7 this year. Second, the tech company has probably decided to change the course of their well-known annual upgrading cycle of iPhone products.


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