Did You Know That The Oldest Father In The World Has Welcomed His Second Son At The Age Of….


An old man from the city of Haryana situated 35 miles out of Delhi, India achieved something that very few deem possible. The 96-year-old Ramjeet Raghav and his beloved wife Shakuntala, who is approximately half his age, have had their second son Ranjeet.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

This staggering birth of a healthy boy makes Ramjeet the oldest father in the wold with his 96 years of age. The previous record was yet again held by him when his wife gave birth to their first child Bikramjeet when the lucky father was just 94. The doctors in the hospital laughed with disbelief when Ramjeet shared with them that he was indeed the father.

The 96-year-old is a yoga master and is on a regular diet of almonds, milk and butter that enables him to lead an active life at his fragile age.


The father Ramjeet is extremely happy because he was able to give his firstborn a sibling. He hopes his children will outdo him and become important government officials while he has been a farmer his entire life.



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