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Did You Know That The Oscar Pizza Delivery Guy Received A $1,000 Tip By…


The Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizza chain had the best free advertising day in history on Sunday. It was all unexpected and no one from the restaurant chain had planned delivering pizzas to celebrities during the live broadcasting of the Oscars. Luckily the host of the show Ellen DeGeneres decided to feed the hungry celebrities with delicious pizza and she chose to do it in a seemingly improvised and secretive way.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

It was Ellen’s second super comedic and unusual moment following the celebrity selfie that broke Twitter with more than  3,1 million retweets. After the movie stars ate a slice of the delicious pizza delivered by the unsuspecting delivery guy named  Edgar Martirosyan, she collected around $600 in tips. She used Pharrell’s hat and Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey and many others happily placed generous tips inside it.

Although the audience never saw the delivery guy receiving his tip, Ellen invited him in his show on Monday, 3rd of March where she gave it to him. She also added and extra $400 to make it a nice $1000 tip for Edgar’s services.  According to Edgar his most shocking and proudest moment was when he met his favorite actress, Julia Roberts.


All of the Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizza are currently overflowing with customers thanks to Ellen’s improvisation.


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