Did you know that the rapper Rapper Tyga could face charges for having pet tig…


Michael Ray Stevenson, also known by his stage name Tyga, has worked with successful recording artists such as Drake, Lil Wayne and Canada’s bad boy Justin Bieber. He’s also the cousin of Gym Class Heroes’ vocalist. However, his celebrity connections can’t save him from trouble.


According to official reports, Tyga has been keeping a 7 month old Bengal male tiger at his home in Calabasas, California, as a domestic pet. An anonymous tipster, who is probably a scared neighbor, tipped off local officials. Police officers immediately went to investigate Tyga’s home, but didn’t find any tigers at his residence. According to the rapper, he was indeed keeping the pet, but he ditched him at an animal shelter recently. Fortunately for Tyga, he managed to get away with it…for now. If the police find any evidence of any tiger residing at the rapper’s home in the near future, he could face up to 6 months behind bars on charges of misdemeanor possession of a prohibited animal.


The baby Bengal tiger can be seen in several photos on Tyga’s Instagram account.


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