Did you know that the reason for Peaches Geldof's death is d…


Sadly, history tends to repeat itself. It recently did in the famous Geldof family.


On the 7th of April this year, media headlines stated that Peaches Geldof, the 25 year old daughter of the Irish actor and musician Bob Geldof, had been found dead at her home in Kent. Just hours before the 25 year old model’s body was found, she posted a picture of herself as a child on Twitter, with her late mother Paula Yates. During the course of the following week a number of post-mortem tests were performed to ascertain the cause of her death, and autopsy and toxicology tests finally revealed the reason behind Peaches’ untimely death. An official statement made by the detective Paul Fotheringham revealed that Peaches died of a heroin overdose. Shortly before her passing Ms. Geldof must have taken lethal doses of the drug, which most likely caused her death.
Her mother also died of an overdose at her apartment in 2000.


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