Did You Know That The Record For The Most Weird Way To Avoid Traffic Ticket Belongs To A Ph.D. ..


Physics is the natural science that tries to explain matter and energy and their constant interaction in space and time. Physicists usually try to devise different theories about the beginning of the Universe and what exactly are the fundamental building blocks of matter. However, physicists don’t just deal with conceptual theories but they apply their knowledge in practice in every sphere of human activity including contesting traffic tickets from time to time.


Dimitry Krioukov, a well-renowned and distinguished physicist with a Ph.D. in Physics from Old Dominion University, currently a senior research scientist at the University of California, got pulled over once for running a stop sign by a traffic police officer.

In order to avoid paying the hefty fee for purportedly forgetting to hit the brakes at the stop sign, the doctor in Physics wrote a special research paper that proved his innocence. In the paper Mr. Krioukov stated three specific reasons that misled the police officer who consequently pulled him over and gave him a ticket.


First, the cop estimated the angular and not the linear speed of Krioukov’s vehicle. Second, the car decelerated and then accelerated comparatively quick and third, there was an obvious obstruction of the police officer’s view by another moving vehicle at the exact specific moment both cars were at the stop sign.

When the judge read the detailed 4-page research paper supported with complicated graphs with formulas and figures, he dismissed the case thus Krioukov avoided paying the $400 fine.


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