Did You Know That The Sign Language Interpreter At The Nelson Mandela Memorial Was Actually A…


The sign language is one that uses manual communication and non-verbal body movements to express meaning. It’s a common misinterpretation that all sign languages developed in different continents and countries are all the same. Sign language is not actually international and has many different forms that share some minor similarities nonetheless.

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There is no statistics that can provide the information how many sign languages actually exist nowadays. According to the 2013 edition of Ethnologue ( a catalog of languages) they are 137. But a new one may be added soon after a fake sign language interpreter was able to send the worldwide deaf community into a complete outrage.

The news broke out just days ago after an unknown person, who stepped into the spotlight during the memorial service in honor of Nelson Mandela, was pretending to translate into fake sign language. The unfamiliar to anyone person translated the speeches of a handful of world leaders including president Barack Obama.


He was making up his own hand gestures and as he went along with the translations he was not following at all what the speakers were saying. Many people were completely outraged that such a disgraceful act will be forever aligned with Mandela’s memorial service and the deaf community due to this fake interpreter.


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