Did You Know That The Two Biggest Money Losing Movies In History Were Both Produced By Disney…


Even though the Walt Disney Company has been one of the most successful mass media corporations and a leader in the animation industry ever since it was established by the Disney brothers back in 1923, it has not always been as successful in all its ventures.
In fact, two of the biggest box office bombs in the history of the movie industry were Disney films.
One of them, “Mars Needs Moms”, is a 2011 animated space movie with a budget of $150 million, which actually managed to accumulate a worldwide net loss of 136 million US dollars.

Another recent Disney production – “John Carter” – was the one to beat this negative record by proving to be an absolute box office disaster and losing a total of nearly 200 million US dollars. With a production budget of $250 million, this movie, also set on the planet of Mars, proved to be Disney’s and probably the entire movie industry’s biggest flop ever.


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