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Did You Know That The US nearly detonated an atomic bomb over North Carolina…


For many years the US government has been trying to withhold information about its nuclear weapons, so that people wouldn’t ask inconvenient questions. The government has said many times that there’s no need to worry, because the American nation was safe and there was no possibility of accidental detonations of nuclear weapons.

However, a journalist, who goes by the name Eric Schlosser, found out that there has been such accidental detonation indeed.
In January, 1961 a B-52 bomber broke up on its flight and released two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs. They dropped over Goldsboro in North Carolina. If it hadn’t been for one low-voltage switch, the consequences would have been disastrous not only for North Carolina. The nearly detonated bomb was set to have huge power, 260 times more destructible than the device which caused the devastation in Hiroshima in 1945.
More so, Schlosser used the Freedom of Information Act and he discovered that this wasn’t the only case which involved a nuclear weapon accident. He found out that between 1950 and 1968 at least 700 similar accidents occurred because of the US government’s mistakes.


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