Did you know that The very first computer mouse was made out of…


A year ago the inventor of the very first computer mouse died at the age of 88. His name was Douglas Engelbart.

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Douglas was still in his 20s when he decided that he wasn’t going to spend his life working on a steady position for NASA, but in attempts to simplify our lives and make them better by focusing on computer science. During the 1960s he created what would later become the first prototype of the computer mouse we know nowadays. He made the mouse out of a wooden container and two metal wheels. He had designed them with the help of his engineer, Bill English. They called their creation “X-Y position indicator for a display system”, but they nicknamed it “mouse”, since the cable tail was at the very end just like a mouse’s one. Douglas’ team also nicknamed the cursor we see on the screen even nowadays “bug”. He received a patent for his creation, but he never got paid for it.


Even now the very first functioning mouse is thought to be Apple’s one from the Apple Lisa computer.


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