Did You Know That The Walmart Management Didn't Close A Store After A Man ….


A 46-year-old man from South Carolina was sentenced to 30 years in prison for committing a gruesome crime inside a Walmart store.


Avery L. Blandin was convicted in December 2011 for murdering his wife in the local bank inside the Greenville County Walmart where she worked.

To the unfortunate shoppers’ surprise the store did not shut down its daily activities at all. Despite this disturbing fact the management representatives of Walmart insisted that the company was in full cooperation with the police officials. Walmart shut down only the grocery area while taping around the crime scene and providing enough privacy for the authorities to do their job.


According to the Fortune 500 rankings Walmart is famous for being the 2nd biggest public corporation on the planet as well as the biggest private employer with over 2 million employees worldwide. The global corporation reported an international net profit of $109.2 billion for the year 2011.


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