Did you know that there are candles that will make your home smell like…


If you are a huge KFC fan and just can’t get enough of the Kentucky Fried Chicken menu, then you’ll love these scented candles.


Kathy Werking, a woman who’s known as one of the best candle-makers in Kentucky, shocked the world with her latest creation. She mixed soy wax, spices, herbs and essential oils from grapefruit and lime in order to create the base of the new Kentucky from Kentucky products. The candles come in 3 different scents – Ale 8, Derby Actual and the unbelievable Fried Chicken Actual, which makes your home smell like KFC. The KFC candles emit a specific odor, which fills up your house with the smell of a chicken, frying in your kitchen’s pan. With these candles your house will be filled with the aroma of delicious food without the need to actually cook.


When the candles hit the Internet market in late November, the limited items were sold out for no time. Fortunately for those of you, who are willing to purchase them, Kentucky for Kentucky is pre-selling more.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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