Did you know that there is a cinema in London that hire ninjas to…


Are you sick and tired of noisy film fans that disturb you while you are watching a movie in the cinema? The London-based Prince Charles Cinema has found a solution to this annoying problem. The cinema’s management has hired people dressed as ninjas who are in charge of noisy viewers and whose main task is to maintain proper etiquette.
The idea of the cinema ninjas comes from the Morphsuits Company which took part in the cleaning after the riots in London. The ninjas are film lovers who work for free and are dressed in black skin-tight suits and have to deal with everyone who doesn’t observe the rules. Everyone who is too noisy, hasn’t switched off their mobile phone or eats popcorn too loudly is targeted by the ninjas. The volunteers can watch films without paying for ticket.

The cinema ninjas may seem as a really crazy idea but so far this strategy to improve people’s behavior at cinemas has proven to be quite successful.


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