Did You Know That There Are Contact Lenses Which Repair Your Sight If You Wear Them During…


One of the most important advice your eye doctor will give you is that you should never sleep with your contact lenses in. Your eye doesn’t get any oxygen, you risk infections, corneal problems and even conjunctivitis.

However, there’s a new type of contact lenses, which are worn only at night. At the cost of $1,000 to get fitted and $200 for each lens, you could sleep your way to better vision. These lenses actually have the ability to reshape the eye’s cornea, so that they could help against myopia or short-sightedness. The lenses are rigid unlike the usual soft ones, but they have tiny pores, so they don’t stop oxygen reaching the eye.
How do these lenses work? They reshape the cornea so that it stays flat and the vision is sharpened. Wearing them for seven to eight hours of sleep guarantees at least three to four hours of clear vision in the morning. Using them regularly for several months even allows the person to skip some nights and still have a clear vision during the whole day without the need of glasses.


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