Did you know that there are rich tourists who pretend to be poor in …


Some people just can’t decide on what to spend their money on. And some folks are so obsessed with their financial status, that sometimes they shudder with fear of what it would be like if they were poor. Thus, a hotel in South Africa has made it possible for rich tourists to see what it means to look poor without actually being poor.

What does that mean exactly? The hotel in question has built a fake shantytown, which is actually a 5-star resort. The shantytown, which looks absolutely miserable on the outside, actually provides electricity, wi-fi, bathrooms and under-floor heating. It’s made for rich tourists, which want to see what it would be like to be poor and living in the squalor of the 3rd world.


What’s more shocking is that this trend isn’t ground-breaking at all. Reportedly, some companies have already come up with the same idea ages ago by providing tours through the squalor of Rio De Janeiro and Mumbai.


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