Did you know that there are secret hand codes, which waiters use at…


Have you ever wondered how the staff at high-profile restaurants knows how to manage the clients in an effortless and flawless way? Simple! They manage to do it by using a simple technique, which others before them have used even in the 1940s.

Adam Sanders, the manager of BLT Steak in Washington, D.C., revealed the secret behind the spotless behavior of the waiters. Every high-profile restaurant is teaching the staff how to operate with hand codes. There are different signs, which mean different things. For example, a sideways peace sign will tell the others that a VIP has just attended the restaurant. The flat hand swipe is for ordering still water. If the hand shapes the letter C, then the restaurant chef needs to talk with the customer. Another hand code, which is used at Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan, is for messy clients. For example, if the waiter starts brushing his shoulder, then the now-leaving customers have made a mess at the table.

Of course, there are also hand codes for banning a customer, requesting help from another waiter, etc.


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