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Did You Know That There Are Spider-Like Bugs Living In The Pores Of Your Face Which Crawl Out Every Night To….


Rosacea is a serious skin condition, which damages your facial skin and even affects your eyes in its final phase. The decease usually strikes between the age of 30 and 60. The first phase shows signs of inflamed skin, swelling, reddening. It could be caused by stress, sun exposure, elevated levels of cathelicidin and even Demodex mites.

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Tiny, eight-legged arachnids live in our facial skin’s pores. They are called Demodex mites and are fond of the sebum (facial oil), which is their main nutrition. Thus, they love the oily pores on our nose, forehead and cheeks.

Demodex mites spend all their lives in our facial skin pores. They crawl out of the pores in order to mate and then they crawl back to lay their eggs.


However, Demodex mites aren’t always the cause of rosacea. Medics have been working for many years on finding a solution for the disease. There are different types of antibiotics and other methods of treatment. If your skin is showing signs of rosacea, it’s better to seek help immediately.


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