Did you know that there is a 6 year-old girl that sold one of her paintings for $24k and…


Aelita Andre is the little girl that has shocked the whole world. She is already a New York bestselling abstract painter and she’s only 6 years old.


The Australian girl, which now lives in Melbourne with her parents, started painting when she was just nine months old. Watching her parents work on canvases, she took after them. Her mother noticed her paintings and showed them to an art curator, when Aelita was just a 22 months old toddler. The curator was impressed by Aelita’s art and included her in a group exhibition in the Brunswick Street Gallery. The curator didn’t know the girl’s age, but he still included her work after he learned the shocking news.

Several months later the family visited Hong Kong and sold one of her paintings for $24, 000. It became her most expensive artwork. The critics describe her style as abstract expressionism with surrealistic techniques. Aelita uses acrylic and often adds 3 dimensional objects.


The girl’s first ever solo exhibition opened when she was 4 years old. It took place in New York City in June 2011 and made her even more successful. This promising child surely has a bright future ahead of her!


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