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Did you know that there is a community that believes Eminem died in 200….


Eminem is known as one of the most successful rappers. He’s also known to be reckless when it comes to everything excluding his daughter Hailie – even when it comes to his music and accepting huge awards.


This is probably one of the reasons why some people believe Eminem died in a car crash not so long ago.
In December 2000 the web got insane on the word of Eminem’s death. Several websites reported his death by a car crash, while every e-mail server was loaded with the news of the rapper’s death. Some of the reports stated that he died at the scene, while others suggested he was still alive when he was led to a hospital. All of those websites were deleted shortly after they were launched.

However, another series of reports dating from 2006-2007 state that Marshall Mathers has died in a car accident. Only this time the online community believes that Eminem died for real. There are numerous discussions on websites and forums, which state that the Eminem we know now is just an imposter of the late Marshall Mathers.


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