Did You Know That There Is A Fake Village With Fake Shops And Fake Restaurants That Is Actually A Care Home…


Hogeway is a one of a kind facility located in the Netherlands. It is often referred to as Dementia Village since the place is a home for more than a 150 residents suffering from severe dementia. However, in Hogeway the patients can lead a rather normal life. There are fake shops, fake restaurants, a fake hair salon and pretend businesses meant to give the dementia patients the idea that they are living in a regular town. All the people working there are actually caregivers who do their best to uphold the patients’ belief.

Image Source: FACEBOOK

There is no way out of the Dementia Village except for a door which is always locked and under all time surveillance. It is a measure against wandering patients. If a resident tries to get through the door, one of the caretakers would suggest that it is probably locked and it would be better to search for another one. Doctors and nurses have noticed that residents in the Dementia Village take fewer medications and are in generally much better health. Currently, other countries are considering opening similar facilities in an attempt to provide better care for dementia patients.


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