Did You Know That There Is A Girl Who Drinks Gasoline And Claims…


As you most probably know, smelling gasoline is very risky and dangerous for your health. Well, there is a girl who not only likes the smell but she also likes to drink the toxic liquid.

Shannon admitted her addiction in front of the cameras for the program ‘My Strange Addiction’. She brought out a red canister to demonstrate how exactly she drinked the gasoline. She said the first sensation she gets is tingling then her throat starts burning but she doesn’t care for the pain or the risk. It just makes her feel good. Shannon shared sometimes she just licks the cap but she prefers to drink the liquid. She can take up to 12 teaspoons per day.
Her mother expressed her great worry as this intoxicating liquid is causing the tissues in her daughter’s throat to burn. She can experience vomiting and get diarrhea. It could also cause drowsiness or even death if taken in large quantities. It’s so toxic that the mother did not believe at first what her daughter was doing but after checking out her breath she felt the unmistakable smell.
Day after day, Shannon is taking this toxic substance in her body and she has consumed an estimated five gallons of it for the past year. Frightening, right?



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