Did You Know That There Is A Guy In Sweden Who Would Assemble Your Ikea Furniture For You If…


If you are experiencing trouble putting together your Ikea furniture and there is nobody around who could help you, there might be a solution to your problem as long as you reside in Sweden. There is a guy who would come to the rescue free of charge and all you have to do is befriend him.


Caio, who is originally from Brazil, moved recently to Sweden. He filmed a short video in an Ikea store in which he explained he would offer his help for friendship. Since Caio doesn’t really know many people but wants to have friends, he’s offering to help people in Sweden with putting together their Ikea furniture for free while all that he wants in return is a friend. He even has a website called Furniture Fellowship which states that it’s a win-win situation for people in Stockholm : Caio gets to meet a new friend and you get your furniture put together without spending more money on it so everybody is happy.


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